Vision Rehabilitation Therapists

Vision rehabilitation therapists are previously known as rehabilitation teachers. Completing a bachelor’s, master’s, or certification in vision rehabilitation therapy program is required alongside passing a national certification process through the Academy for Certification of Vision Rehabilitation and Education Professionals. “CVRT” (Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist) follows their name.

Vision rehabilitation therapists provide guidance to those who are visually impaired on how to adaptively and confidently participate in their activities of daily living. They are known to elaborately use non-sighted techniques but they recently adopted the use of low vision techniques to instruct their clients. Supplementary to the aforementioned strategies, vision rehabilitation therapists can teach Braille (similar to orientation and mobility specialist). They are able to provide their services within different settings to include blind and visually impaired services, community0based rehabilitation settings, state vocational rehabilitation services, and within a variety of school settings.

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