Evaluation of Visual Factors

It is important to understand the visual status of an individual in order to develop a plan that will improve the clients functional performance. Important visual factors to include are: visual acuity both near and far distances, contrast sensitivity, visual field, location of central scotoma (if present), reading abilities to include skill and speed. Most of these factors may be attained from the referring optometrist or ophthalmologist.

Recommended Tests of Visual Function:

  • Visual Acuity:
    • Feinbloom Distance Test Chart
    • ETDRS Chart
    • MN Read Test
  • Peripheral Visual Field
    • Confrontation Field Testing
  • Contrast Sensitivity
    • Mars Letter Contrast Sensitivity Test
  • Scotoma Assessment
    • Clock Face Scotoma Assessment
    • Tangent Screen
  • Reading Skills
    • Pepper Test
    • MN Read Test
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