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Low Vision Occupational Therapy

LowVision-OT is a virtual community of practice that aims to serve as an initial source of information and educational materials concerning low vision for the general practicing occupational therapist. There are several textbooks and organizations devoted to this specialty. However, the aim of this site is to provide an organized and succinct overview of this subject. A "one-stop platform" community of practice.

It was created in order to highlight the importance of low vision in order to optimize function and improve quality of life among those affected. It might also serve as a forum to promote inter-professional collaboration in this specialty.

Why Low Vision?

Adults over the age of 65 are the most susceptible to an eye disease that may cause low vision. Experts predict that there will be a significant increase of persons that will have low vision by 2025. Recent studies bring to surface the effectiveness of occupational therapy services by optimizing functionality and improving the quality of life of those who are visually impaired. However, recent data also show the lack of knowledge and limited awareness within the occupational therapy profession. This calls for the imperative need to advocate, educate, and conduct further research for low vision.

Join LowVision-OT Community of Practice!

  • Understand low vision and its implications on ADLs/iADLs

  • Learn how to evaluate and treat low vision within occupational therapy scope of practice

  • Have better understanding of the roles and importance of the multidisciplinary team that engages in vision rehabilitation

  • Have access to treatment ideas

  • Be able to participate in discussions to brainstorm and expand your knowledge of low vision

  • Network with vision rehabilitation professionals of all levels (including those who aspire to be one!)

  • Read blog posts written by different vision professionals and/or individuals affected by low vision and learn about low vision from different perspectives

  • Listen to podcasts interviews with individuals who are experiencing low vision in their life

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